China Emergency Light Manufacturers – Test Method For Emergency Light Battery


         China Emergency Light Manufacturers      said: It is vital to ensure that the batteries in the emergency lighting are working properly. In many states, the law requires you to do so. In emergency lights that use multiple batteries, they must all be in good condition. A bad battery affects all other batteries, shortening their life and increasing future costs.

  To test the battery, you need to:

  a pen and a piece of paper

  Marker (if you have more than one battery)

  Remove the battery from the emergency light unit

  a calculator

  Start with the first emergency light and remove the battery. Don’t try to remove all the batteries from all the lighting fixtures at once, because you are confused about which batteries belong to which devices. The importance of this will soon become clear.

  If the emergency light has multiple batteries, number each battery with a marker to ensure that you do not overwrite any labels with voltage or ah / mah specifications.

  Now take your multimeter to make sure it is set to measure amp hours or milliamp hours, depending on the battery specifications. Connect the multimeter to the battery (red lead is connected to “+”, black lead is connected to “-“) and note the number of batteries and ah / mah reading.

  Repeat this for all batteries in the illuminator and compare the reading to ah / mah on the battery label. If there is a difference, it only means that the battery is not fully charged. This may not be the cause of concern, but should be checked further.

  Calculate the charge level for each battery as follows:

  (Multimeter reading / battery label specifications) * 100 = charging percentage

  So, for example, if the emergency light battery has a 2,000 mah tag and the multimeter reading is 1,500 mah, the charge level is:

  (2,000 / 1,500)* 100 = 75% charging

  If any emergency light battery is below 50%, it should be replaced.

  Write down each percentage on your paper and compare them to each other. If any more than 10 percent more than others, they should be replaced.

  It is important to understand that if you change one, its reading is close to or close to 100%. If someone else is at, for example, 75%, it will damage the new battery and shorten its life, so it is better to replace all the batteries in the battery pack in this case.

  Repeat this process for each emergency light.