China Vane Pump: Vane Pump Hydraulic Tank Anti-Oil


      The     China Vane Pump     states that the vane pump is a pump in which the vane in the rotor groove contacts the pump casing (stator ring), and the sucked liquid is pressed from the oil inlet side to the discharge side.

  After the vane pump has been running for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters, such as how to prevent the oil in the hydraulic pump of the vane pump. Is the hydraulic oil reduced without knowing it? How did it disappear? How to effectively prevent the oil pumping phenomenon of the vane pump hydraulic tank? The following is a brief introduction of the vane pump hydraulic tank anti-smashing oil as follows:

  1. An air filter normally placed on the vane pump hydraulic tank is also used as a liquid port. When the machine is driving on rough roads or the hydraulic cylinder is rapidly recirculating, the oil is easily discharged from the air cleaner.

  This will not only cause waste but also pollute the environment. Although the fuel tank partition can prevent oil fluctuations to some extent, it is difficult to completely avoid the occurrence of oil smash.

  2. After the improvement, add the anti-snagging sleeve before the improvement. The sleeve is higher than the upper plane of the tank and welded to the tank; on the sleeve in the tank, a number of small holes are punched.

  In this way, not only the eucalyptus oil caused by fluctuations in the oil can be eliminated, but also the sputum oil caused by the foam generated after the air is mixed into the system can be well prevented.

  3. The improved vane pump unit effectively avoids excess oil spillage and reduces losses without adversely affecting equipment engineering.