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Christmas signal jammer promotions

Philippe Meunier had advanced three arguments that made it necessary to set up a wave jammer. It would reduce racketeering, encourage listening and the smooth running of courses and finally, such a device would reduce exam fraud.

Without dwelling on the question of the exorbitant cost of setting it up, the first argument is void. Indeed, the laptop even unusable in class, will be used, right out of the teenager from the school grounds or in the playground.

The other controversy raised by the introduction of GSM jammer is that of the effects on the health of electromagnetic waves. Many studies tend to show that these waves, when using a laptop, would be harmful to health.

They would be dangerous for the transmission of a message. Now the jammer, to be effective, emits electromagnetic waves continuously which allows to channel at any time the electromagnetic wave carrier of the message. It would be more harmful than the laptop itself and would be contrary to the precautionary principle.