CIMC Group, to provide you with high-quality container leasing services


Global Leasing


Support multiple business cooperation methods, flexible lease period


There are over 2,450 suppliers, including 2,300+ domestic suppliers and 150+ foreign suppliers


380+ branches and agent networks all over the world


Serviec For Pre-sale and After-sale


Provide Container Insurance Services


Real-time tracking and analysis of container conditions by using cloud platform + big data


Product Advantages


Branding Advantages

Relying on CIMC’s strong manufacturing capabilities, it has the advantages of brands and channels


Abundant Resources

Abundant resources for second-hand containers and new containers, providing customers with more choices


Comprehensive Supporting

CIMC is a registered member of the classification society, and has comprehensive supporting services, such as yard, maintenance and others


Platform Support

Customers could use the perfect and stable monitoring and management platform