COCO DOG SPA is a homebased dog grooming business based in Huntingdale, WA. We groom one dog at a time or 2 dogs within the same owner so there’s no noise of other dogs. We provide range of service such as dog wash, dog grooming service with high quality and natural products. We’re also focusing on gentle approach and experience with handling traumatized dog, old dogs and puppies’s first haircut. Also try our Charcoal scrub for dog’s with itchy or flaky skin. Our full groom service starts from $75 which include bath, blow dry, full haircut, nails clipped,ears cleaned, and cologne. For full pamper which include full groom plus teeth brushing and Charcoal scrub it starts from $100.We also provide teeth scaling service for $90 per dog with pain free treatment and free from anesthetic. Check out our website (link) for before after pics and promotions.

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