Color Coated Aluminum Coil Factory


We are a professional color coated aluminum coil factory in China, producing high quality color coated aluminum coil with beautiful color, wear resistance and a wide range of applications. Our products have passed ISO and SGS certification and can be customized according to customers’ requirements. Contact us to send customized requests.


Product Introduction

Color coated aluminum coil is the surface coloring treatment of aluminum plate, common fluorocarbon color coated aluminum, polyester color coated aluminum, widely used in aluminum composite panel, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling, roofing, angles, easy to open cans, electronic products. Its performance is very stable, not easy to be corroded, the surface can reach 20 years quality assurance after special treatment, the weight per unit volume is the lightest metal material, color coated aluminum coil is the most popular new material.


Surface coating

Color coated aluminum coil as the name implies is the surface coating and coloring treatment of aluminum coil or aluminum plate, mainly divided into PVDF (fluorocarbon) coated aluminum coils, FEVE (fluorine vinyl ether) coated aluminum coils, HDPE (high density polyethylene) coated aluminum coils, PE (polyester) coated aluminum coils.


Main features

1. Good temperature resistance

The melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees, and the general temperature does not reach its melting point.


2. Environmental protection

It is not easy to turn yellow and adopts chromium-free treatment solution, which makes up for the defect that the laminate is easy to change color; the roller coating contains active chemical molecules, which promote the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the material. The active chemical molecules are stable, easy to recycle and meet the requirements of environmental protection.


3. Corrosion resistance

Due to its dense surface oxide film, it has strong adhesion, oxidation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and UV resistance.


4. Uniform and long-lasting color, uniform and delicate color

Soft and colorful, avoiding the individual color difference of traditional spraying, no matter how big the ceiling is, its color and color are consistent. Long-lasting and novel.


5.Rigid joints, high strength of panels

Rigid and tough combination, free cutting, slitting, rounding, balancing, drilling, seam fixing and edge compression molding.


Product Application

Color coated aluminum coils has a wide range of colors, whether it is residential, large commercial outlets or large conference centers, can add color. The good plasticity and workability make it an ideal material for various architectural shapes. It offers architects, designers and homeowners the space to personalize the color of facades and ceilings, and is the ideal material for architectural styling. Whether it is a multifunctional large building or a unique and creative new building, it can always meet the different requirements of modern and classical architectural styles and make the building more colorful.



1. Used in building exterior curtain wall and aluminum composite panel.


2. Widely used in exhibitions, shopping malls, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments.


3. Decoration and transformation of old building addition, exterior wall and roof.


4. Interior decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and subways.


5. Billboards, display stands, billboards, signboards.


6. Tunnel wall panels and ceilings.


7. Materials for industrial use.


8. Materials for car body, yacht and ship.