• $50000

Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting for HP Plaza

As a large number of brand new developers settled at the E-games Town of the Riverside New District in the west of Shangyu, HP Plaza and other projects were completed and put into operation. The 125-meter-high HP Plaza located at the 25th plot of the Riverside New District is the landmark building of the Riverside New District. 200,000 EXC-P35AP pixel lights were used for this nightscape lighting project. Along with the international creative expo and exhibition center set up for animation industry here, HP Plaza is planed to attract the settlement of 30 to 50 animation companies and develop into a global software outsourcing service research institute and outsourcing service talent training base in 4 years.

Project Overview

Time of completion: May 2019

Product: 200,000 EXC-P35AP pixel lights