Comparison and Application of Roll Forming Equipment and Stamping Forming

We will continue to learn and acquaint with the roll forming equipment. Moreover, in terms of learning requirements, there cannot be a little slack and slack, so as not to affect the learning effect and the mastery and utilization of knowledge. Next, let’s take a look.


1. What are the differences between stamping and roll forming equipment?


The difference between stamping forming and roll forming equipment is: stamping forming uses presses and molds to obtain stamped parts through stamping, which are generally thin-plate parts and have a more complex structure.


The roll forming equipment is to use the roll forming equipment to obtain parts, which are generally thick plates and have a relatively simple structure. In addition, the type of equipment and the use of the finished product are also different.


2. Is there a cold roll forming machine on the roll forming equipment?


There is cold roll forming machine in roll forming equipment, and it is widely used.  Because this molding equipment can be used in car panels, highway guardrails, C/z steel, solar brackets, cable bridges and steel structures.


3. Is there any roll forming equipment in cold processing?/What about in profiling equipment?


The specific process of cold working includes cold pressing, cold rolling and so on. Therefore, there is a kind of roll forming equipment. Is there any roll forming equipment in cold processing? The answer is yes.


In the molding equipment, there is also roll forming equipment. In addition to this one, there are some other equipment, such as floor bearing plate press forming equipment and color tile press forming equipment.


The above questions and their answers are related to the roll forming equipment. Moreover, for us, we must firmly grasp it, otherwise, it will affect the normal use and use effect of the equipment. Furthermore, it will not be able to play its role and functions. Therefore, we should not treat it carelessly.