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Complete Set of Maize Flour Milling Plant

Complete Set of Maize Flour Milling Plant

Complete set of maize flour milling plant including cleaning, conditioning, degermination, grinding, and automatic packing, suitable for processing of coarse maize flour and the co-production of corn flour grits.

Maize Flour Milling Plant Features

1. Specialized design for coarse maize flour processing.            

2. Advanced destoner design to reduce stone and light impurity in raw maize mazie.        

3. Wear resistant sieve plate for degerminator with long life time.                                                                              

4. Aspirator designed for each grinding passage greatly reduce embryo content in maize flour.

Maize Flour Milling Plant Application

United processing maize machines series can process the low-fat maize flour with different granularity, like maize java,maize grits,maize bran,maize germ,feed and so on. If we carry deep processing ,we can get fast food congee, maize oil ect. Low-fat maize flour ,maize java are not only the ideal material of beer factory,wine factory,sugar factory and food factory,but also as the health food for improving the lives of the residents of the town.

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