Composition Principle of Cold Roll Forming Machine and Solving Skills of Deformation Problem

Cold roll forming machine is a metal cold forming equipment commonly used in industrial production, which can meet the requirements of specific shapes in industrial production. Once the cold roll forming machine came out, it has been well developed in the market. At present, there are many varieties in the market. It can easily deal with various profiles with uniform wall thickness, complex section shape and cold-formed sections of different materials, which are difficult to produce by hot rolling method.


1. The characteristics of the finished product produced by the cold roll forming machine


The finished products produced by the cold roll forming machine have high smoothness, exquisite appearance and precise dimensions. The steel produced by the cold roll forming machine belongs to economical section steel, which saves costs. The cold roll forming machine is widely used, and the cold-formed steel replaces the hot-rolled section and other varieties.


2. The composition of the cold roll forming machine


The cold roll forming machine is mainly composed of a base, a mechanical drive, a cold roll operating system, and a hydraulic working system.


3. Working principle of cold roll forming machine


When the cold roll forming machine works, place the steel plate and other metal materials that need to be processed by cold roll forming technology between the two driving wheels, start the hydraulic system to make the hydraulic cylinder and push the dovetail groove and the cold bending roller to cold press the section steel. When the radian required by the design is reached, close the hydraulic system, and then start the mechanical transmission system to make the driving roller rotate and drive the section steel to move forward smoothly and slowly by relying on friction, so as to realize continuous cold roll forming operation.


Cold roll forming machine is a profile processing equipment used in tunnels, subways, underpasses and other places. Compared with press equipment, it has the characteristics of stable performance, high work efficiency and good quality of profiles. However, sometimes the cold roll forming machine may have some defects due to operation problems, among which the common problem is product processing deformation.


4. How to deal with the problem of profile deformation in the processing of cold roll forming machine?


We need to analyze the causes of the problems. Generally, the common cause of profile deformation is the force imbalance, which may be caused by improper operation or improper placement.


Therefore, in order to solve the problem of profile deformation encountered by the cold roll forming machine in processing, firstly, it is necessary to have a reasonable distribution of deformation during the design, especially during the subsequent production of the cold roll forming machine, the deformation shall not be too large. Secondly, side roll and over-bending roll can be used to bend the profile in advance, which can effectively prevent arbitrary swing of the profile in the processing process. Finally, if the problem of profile deformation still occurs in the production process, the distribution of rolls should be adjusted according to the actual situation.