This year we’re continuing our expansion as interior designers Saudi Arabia Market with key projects across Khobar, Jeddah and Riyadh.


We’re currently working on a number of Restaurant and Retail projects across the Kingdom. As well as setting up our new office in Riyadh.

 With the design scene being so buoyant it’s fantastic to working with such a range of clients who are looking to really push the design boundaries in the Kingdom. What we love most about being interior designers in Saudi Arabia is that our clients are all about creating epic concepts, rather than buying off the shelf brands and we’re totally here for that.



The rate of growth over the last few years has been staggering and that’s only the beginning. For us at Studio EM, it’s not the amount of projects that has us so buoyant about the Saudi market. It’s the quality of projects that are coming up.

  Since Saudi Arabia has become more open, there’s been a huge wave of young entrepreneurs coming to the party. And what we absolutely love about Saudi, is that these entrepreneurs are more into “creating” or developing their own concepts. Rather than just going down the route of a franchise culture.


For us as designers, this is amazing as we’re getting the chance to work on some seriously cool and innovative concepts. Projects that are anything but cookie-cutter. A lot of our clients are Saudi’s who are coming back to the region after time in the UK or the US at University. As such they’re combining what’s hot right now in these areas.

 Meaning we’re seeing projects and design briefs that are as progressive as they are innovative. This is the most exciting thing for us in the region. With Saudi Vision 2030, there’s been a huge movement in the hospitality industry.


With Saudi now attracting global events, like we’ve seen with the boxing, or what Saudi Golf have done with Golf in the Country, we’re seeing a growing need for new hotels. Added to this the drive for Saudi Tourism, we’re going to be seeing a lot of new and innovative hotels coming online. Ranging from ultra luxury resorts to cool 3 or 4 star boutique business hotels. And with that, opportunities are aplenty for those in our industry.

 Quality Fit Out:


With designs becoming more innovative, and projects becoming more specialised and unique. We’ve seen a real need for high quality fit out / construction companies to open in Saudi Arabia. In order to be able to execute these projects.

This has seen quite a few of the leading companies in this area open offices and factories in The Kingdom. Which is terrific for us as designers as we now have the same relationships in Saudi Arabia that we had in the UAE with many of our contractors.

With that in mind, the quality of fit-out and execution has improved dramatically over the last few years. Which for a lot of us has created that flywheel we were looking for.

 As designers we want to make sure that our high standards of design are being maintained and executed properly. Which they now are, meaning that projects that are now opening in Saudi Arabia not only look amazing, their quality of finish is exceptional too.


As a market, Saudi Arabia is just so exciting, and this is just the beginning…..