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Contrast Media Manufacturing Company

Contrast Media Manufacturing Company

For the purpose of medical imaging, a certain substance is introduced into the human body to change the image contrast of local tissues of the body. This introduced substance is Contrast Media, also known as Contrast Agents. As the first Contrast Media manufacturer in China, Beilu Pharma, as one of the most professional contrast media companies, launched the domestic MRI Contrast Media Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Injection in 1992, which broke the foreign products monopoly and filled the domestic gap. As a well-known contrast media company, we could provide a broad portfolio stems Contrast Media across CT/X-ray and MRI modalities, and own the EU standard manufacturing facilities.


Types of Contrast Media in Beilu Pharma


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)Contrast Media is Gadolinium based contrast agent(GBCA). It is an intravenous injection, mainly used to enhance the image quality of internal organs, blood vessels and tissues during MRI examinations. GBCA contains gadolinium, which is connected to each other through carrier molecules to form a chelating agent. According to the different chemical structures, this contrast medium can be divided into two categories: linear and macrocyclic. The linear structure of the imaging agents is easier to release gadolinium ions, and the macrocyclic structure of the contrast material is more stable and less likely to release gadolinium ions.