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Cork Flooring In Living Room

The living room is a place where a family gathers together, so choosing the right floor is very important. Cork flooring in living room has become an increasingly popular choice. The living room cork flooring has a unique honeycomb cell structure, which gives it strong abrasion resistance, compression resistance and recovery ability.


In addition, the cork floor does not hide dirt, and does not contain starch (ordinary wooden floors contain starch components), which can prevent the entry of various bacteria and microorganisms. The surface of the cork floor in the living room is smooth and tidy, creating a healthy living space for you.


The living room cork floor is suitable for choosing simple, cheerful and bright colors to bring you a good mood for the day.


Why Choose Cork Flooring for Living Room?

1. Cork flooring are warm and safe and feel more at home. The material of the cork flooring determines that the cork flooring has a better moisturizing feeling than the tile floor, and it is not as tough as the tile floor. It is also a kind of protection for the family. Because children are active and active, and the elderly are inconvenient, there will inevitably be bumps and bumps. At this time, the soft floor is the best protection.


2. The living comfort of cork flooring is better. The living comfort of cork flooring is not only in the senses, but also in the thermal insulation performance of cork flooring. Because the thermal conductivity of cork flooring is relatively poor, the thermal insulation performance is better than that of ceramic tiles, especially if there is no heating equipment at home, At this time, you will feel that the tile floor is so gloomy and cold, and there is no warm feeling of the cork flooring at all, which is simply a kind of torture for friends who like to step on the floor with bare feet at home.


3. The cork flooring is luxurious and beautiful, with good quality and low price. The cork flooring looks very beautiful in terms of material and surface sense, and even gives a luxurious feeling, while the tile floor always reminds people of the decoration of those big shopping malls, so the decoration effect of cork flooring is there is no way to compare tile floors.