Cosmetic Bottles: Defects And Advantages Of Glass Packaging

Of course, a perfume bottle is beautiful, but what makes it so hot? There are a variety of styles, decorative suppliers and beauty packaging that think there are countless styles to do.

Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd      which specializes in manufacturing cosmetic bottles, believes that although glass bottles are used as an absorbent-rich packaging material, they can make the products have high-quality dynamics that cannot be transmitted by other types of materials, but there are still some cosmetics in glass bottles. difficult. For example, adhesion and abrasion resistance are especially suitable for perfume bottle packaging. Non-incompatibility of the contours of the glass can also lead to seizures. Some experts also pointed out that all glass profiles are very unsatisfactory, and because glass tends to be more noble, it requires scratching and requires special packaging to avoid wear. In addition, the glass is also expensive, so the transportation cost is also high. Https://

The Hermés’Terred’Hermés is also decorated by Saint-Gobain Desjonquéres. It features an impressive rectangular concept on a large 3D flat glass. The orange screen is printed with the words “Terred’ Hermés” in front of the glass bottle and the “H” is engraved on the bottom of the Hermés glass bottle. The lotion and after shave bottles are frosted glass.

Some experts also believe that the most popular trend in glass bottle decoration is still inorganic spraying. For example, the metallic gloss purple on the Britney Spear Fantasy perfume bottle from Yilishabai.yadun was obtained using a spray color method. The industry believes that most customers are still using sand glass bottles because it can hide defects in the glass.

The American Glass Packaging Association also believes that another trend in glass decoration is through color delay brands. For example, Estee Lauder’s DKNY’s BeDelicious is finally packaged in light green glass bottles. To complement Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day promotions, Estée Lauder launches red and amber glass bottles from scratch. RalphLauren’s Polo Cologne also hopes to build a brand equity through its Polo-signed green bottle. It launched a dark blue bottle called Polo Blue and described it as Cologne for casual and generous men.