Cost of Ear Surgery in Mumbai India, USA and England

Microtia or small ears is a condition characterized by impaired development of the external ear. Rib cartilage ear surgery in Mumbai, India is done to reconstruct the natural-looking ears that are deformed due to microtia or anotia problems. The shape of the ear is complex, and so this surgery to produce a natural ear is performed using the patient’s own rib cartilage. The ear reconstruction surgery is done in two stages, and in the first stage, rib cartilage is harvested, and it is reconstructed to create new outer ears. The use of own cartilage reduces the risk of rejection, and then natural-looking ears are created and grafted in the appropriate area on the head’s side. In the second stage, the sulcus is created to deliver natural-looking results. The microtia ear surgery in India reconstructs the missing ear and also restores hearing by reconstructing the ear canal. People looking for any type of reconstructive ear surgery in the USA, England, UAE, India can reach Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust, Mumbai, India, to avail the benefits of microtia surgery from the best ear surgeon in India.

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