Cotton: soft and natural yet fabulous fabric

A collection of natural fabric that is fetched from the protective case of a cotton plant. This material has extreme softness that keeps you comfy throughout the warmer season with its absorbent property. Cotton handloom fabrics are staple fiber with vibrant shades and patterns as the material can keep any dye, from natural colorant to azo dyes and synthesis colors for a longer term. Renowned for its soft feel & breathable texture, cotton fabric is ideal for all your casual & workwear. Due to its flexible nature, cotton can be shaped into a plethora of outfits such as kurtas, sarees, suits, and designer evening dresses. 

Explore our premium collection of cotton materials at fabriclore, which includes plain dyeable whites, hand-blocked fabrics, cotton poplin fabric, embroidery designs, kalamkari art, and more.With our glace cotton fabric range, you can also get fabulous evening outfits. 

Fabriclore offers accentuated cotton with splendid designs and patterns, out of which you can embark on a journey of creating your own apparel from scratch. 

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