• $20500

C&Q Amuesement Travel Around The World

Travel around the world is a star product of C&Q Amusement. It is a new type of overhead monorail ride with small assets, light operations, and a high return on a small investment. Travel around the world is a brand-new concept rail sky bike with unique shaped pedals that can switch two modes of the pedal and automatic driving by pressing the buttons on the car. Passengers can rotate the vehicle body 360 degrees through the steering wheel so that they can enjoy the beautiful scenery around and listen to beautiful music at the same time. Moreover, they can switch the music by pressing the buttons on the vehicle. There is an induction device on the car, when the car behind is close to the car in front, the car in front will run automatically to ensure smooth operation during peak hours.


Like all of C&Q’s products, Travel around the World can also be customized to appearance, function, color and more. Customized products can meet the needs of customers and theme parks to a greater extent.


Specifications of Travel Around The World Monorail Ride

Cockpit rotation speed:


Rated power of equipment:


Power supply of control cabinet:

380VAC 3P



Standard gauge:

700mm (distance from track center)

Single forward rated power:

300W (vehicle drive motor)

Single cabin rotation rating:

150W (vehicle rotation motor)


2 people/vehicle




5km/h Passenger

Tourist capacity:

360 people /h (15 cars)