Criteria for choosing a permanent laser hair removal machine

Body hair is not welcomed by female friends in most places. Therefore, hair removal is almost a must-have item for modern women. However, there are many ways to remove hair, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of the best permanent laser hair removal machine, which is relatively effective, there are many misunderstandings because of information asymmetry.

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Misunderstandings about the effect of laser hair removal

For the effect of the best laser hair removal device treatment, everyone has a strong sense of identity, but many people say that after laser hair removal, the skin will become more sensitive. Although the skin is not troubled by hair, it increases the possibility of sensitive skin.

This rumor does not have any scientific basis. Except for photosensitive skin that will experience photosensitivity when it is exposed to strong light, other normal skin will not experience allergic reactions due to laser irradiation. Even for mild photosensitive skin, as long as the treatment is not performed during the allergic period, a more comfortable treatment effect can also be achieved.

In addition to avoiding photosensitive skin, if the skin is inflamed or ulcerated, from a safety point of view, it is also necessary to wait for these symptoms to disappear before treatment.

In addition, there are some rumors that laser hair removal will destroy sweat glands, thereby affecting the body’s perspiration and detoxification functions. This is a misunderstanding caused by ignorance of the physiological structure of the human body. The place where hair grows is the hair follicle, and the place where sweat is produced is the sweat gland. These are two completely different areas.

Laser hair removal equipment treatment can carry out precise energy control, and the hair follicles, and the hair follicles with hair growth, will work, which means that black is the key point to guide the laser action, and there is no melanin and other things that can absorb laser energy in sweat glands, so The laser has no effect on the sweat glands and naturally does not affect perspiration.

Because there are generally three hair follicles in the same pore, and after one normal hair follicle is destroyed, other hair follicles will replace and grow hair. Therefore, multiple treatments are required to completely destroy the hair follicles. Laser hair removal treatment cannot be removed at one time, it may take 1-6 times to be completely.

How to choose different hair removal methods

In terms of hair removal, there are many different hair removal methods, such as leg shaving, wax paper hair removal, etc. How to choose has become a problem that many women hesitate to decide. In terms of hair removal effects, methods such as wax paper hair removal and leg shaving are temporary hair removal methods, and only laser hair removal is permanent.

Moreover, wax paper hair removal is violent hair removal, which uses the stickiness of wax paper to pull the hair directly out of the body. This method of hair removal has many disadvantages, we do not recommend using this method, although it is cheap. Because of the pain caused to the human body, there will be strong discomfort. In addition, it is also likely to cause skin redness, allergies, and even folliculitis.

As for the way of shaving the legs, although it is very direct, the hair removal effect is obvious, and the skin damage is minimal. But its biggest disadvantage is that the hair in many parts will become thicker and thicker as it is scraped. Of course, if the grasping strength and angle are wrong, it may also cause damage to the skin.

Therefore, if you want to do it once and for all, it is recommended to use laser hair removal equipment treatment, which can be done once and for all.

Comparison of high-tech hair removal methods

Some traditional methods of hair removal, because they cause great damage to the skin, or the effect of hair removal is not good, so although they are cheap, they are being eliminated by many women. Nowadays, in addition to laser hair removal, there are many high-tech hair removal methods. When choosing, you need to choose carefully according to different characteristics.

Laser hair removal is a more familiar hair removal method, because the effect of laser energy is to focus energy based on black color, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating hair follicles. Therefore, the thicker and darker the hair, the better the effect.

The effect of photon hair removal is generally not as good as laser hair removal, because photon is pulsed light, and the energy is relatively divergent. However, because it has a wide range of effects, it has a relatively obvious effect on hair of different colors and depths. And while removing hair, it can also play a role in tightening the skin by the way.

Soprano ice laser hair removal can be regarded as an upgraded version of laser hair removal and photon hair removal, because on top of these soprano ice laser hair removal technologies, a cooling head is added, so that when it acts on the skin, it can effectively reduce the burning and pain of the skin, therefore, the comfort of the body is the best among the three.

Criteria for choosing a laser hair removal machine

In fact, from the perspective of treatment effect, as long as it is a qualified laser hair removal machine equipped with qualified medical institutions and doctors, the final effect and safety will be guaranteed. When consumers choose professional laser hair removal machines, they can make choices based on the following aspects.

The first is of course the effect. Laser hair removal instruments mainly have two indicators, energy density and light emitting area. The greater the energy density, the greater the damage to the hair follicles, which means that the effect of hair removal will be stronger. The larger the light emitting area, the larger the irradiated skin area under the same energy, and the more uniform temperature distribution.

If you have a certain fear of pain, it is recommended to use soprano ice laser hair removal equipment, which can effectively reduce the burning sensation of the skin. In addition, we can also consider the wavelength of the laser hair removal equipment when choosing, but the final decision is still made after the doctor’s examination.

Permanent laser hair removal machine is the safest and most efficient hair removal treatment method. In fact, it is not so important to understand the parameters of the equipment. As long as the country allows it to be used, it is safe and effective. Of course, choosing a qualified hospital and doctor is equally important.