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Using pressure therapy to help lower-limb venous return is the most common method used by specialists, which is the principle of airline airplane socks. The airline socks are very elastic and can pressurize the legs from the outside. This kind of airplane stockings contains elastic rubber. It passes through different pressure gradients from the ankle to the thigh (the ankle pressure is the tightest and the pressure decreases along the leg, and the high pressure is the smallest and the loosest).


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Usage of Airline Sock

Airplane socks promote blood circulation by putting pressure on the ankles.  As the socks move above your legs, they become less taut. You can wear airline sock for a long time, so you can also wear socks at home before you start going to the airport. Airplane socks may also be helpful when traveling by car. Long travel can restrict the legs, inhibit blood circulation, and cause the same symptoms of blood accumulation and swelling as long flights. This is especially true if you are a passenger in a car, because at least driving behavior stimulates calf movement.


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Airline Airplane Socks FAQs

Q.Q: When should I put on airline socks?


A: After a long flight, you eventually land and find that your ankle swells to twice its normal size, and you may feel pain when walking to the baggage claim. These airline socks help increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of swelling or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and blood clotting during long flights.

Q.Q: Which are the best airline socks?


A: Good airline socks must be antibacterial, non-slip, and breathable, making sure you maintain a comfortable experience during a long flight.