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Custom Aluminum Wire Manufacturer & Supplier

Yurui is a reliable and professional aluminum wire manufacturer and supplier that has many years of experience supplying aluminum products, and so far no bad feedbacks. Besides aluminum wire, we can also offer other aluminum products such as aluminum blocks, aluminum pellets, etc. Contact us now to know more about us and get an attractive price!

Advantages Of Aluminum Wire (AL wire)


1. To calm liquid steel, aluminum wire can play a role in preventing bubbles from forming during the solidification of molten steel.


2. The dispersed AIN particles are formed and the nitrogen in the molten steel is fixed, control the austenite grain size of steel during heating, increase the temperature of grain accelerating, reduce the overheated sensitivity and hardenability of steel, improve the welding performance of steel.


3. Inhibit aging characteristics of low carbon steel.


4. Lower the notch sensitivity of steel and ductile-brittle transition temperature.


Specifications of Aluminum Wire (ALU wire)


Type Composition

% Coil outer dia.

mm Coil inner dia.

mm Coil height

mm Coil length


Al wire Al99.5 1100 600 1100 4500-5000