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Custom Gaming Computer Desk Supplier Introduces The Maintenance Features Of Office Desks And Chairs

Custom Gaming Computer Desk Supplier introduces the maintenance strategy of office desks and chairs:

1. The desk should avoid moisture residue. If you accidentally pour water on the desk during work, immediately wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth to avoid moisture remaining on the desk and corroding the desk. When cleaning the rags of office desks and chairs, pay attention to using a clean rag that is not easy to shed hair and moisten it with water. The rag should be soft, and try not to use too hard or rough cloth.

Or wipe it with a dirty cloth, which can effectively prevent the desk surface from being scratched or polluted again. Be sure to use a clean cloth to clean the desk.

2. Office desks and chairs should be protected from direct sunlight. It is necessary to prevent long-term exposure to the whole or part of the desk from outdoor sunlight. It is best to place it in a place where it can avoid the sun’s rays, or use a transparent gauze window cloth to keep away from direct sunlight, so that it will not affect the indoor lighting. , And maintained the desk.

3. Repair the office desk and chair. After long-term use of office desks and chairs, the desktop will generally have a lot of abrasions, scratches or scratches. Don’t worry if you encounter this situation. You only need to send it back to the original factory for refurbishment by way of after-sales service. Such as new products, the advantage of doing so is that it saves a lot of the cost of repeated purchase of office furniture and saves the company’s operating costs.

4. Maintenance of the brightness of office desks and chairs. Long-term use will cause office desks and chairs to lose their luster. At this time, if you want to maintain the gloss of office furniture, you can choose two furniture care products, which are currently specialized furniture spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents. Before using the furniture spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent, you must first shake it, then hold the spray can directly, and then quietly place it in the center about 15 cm apart against the dry cloth.

Then spray it, and then wipe the furniture, it will have a good cleaning and maintenance effect.

5. If there are fabric materials on some desks and chairs, such as office chair cushions, backrests and other furniture parts, you can use cleaning and maintenance agents for cleaning carpets for maintenance. First use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface, then spray a little carpet cleaner on the damp cloth and wipe it.

Through the above introduction, Adjustable Height Gaming Desk Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.