Custom Membrane Keypad

Easy operation: Membrane keypads are regarded as a user interface or human-machine interface, facilitates the inputting communications and commands, thus simplifying the operation of the electronic equipment.


Functions: Membrane keypads are electrical switches that can make the circuit turn on or off by changing the key pressure.


Composed of: Polyester, Lexan, Polycarbonate, adhesive, snap dome, connector, conductive inks, carbon ink, or copper flex circuit.


Display Of Membrane Keypad Details


Optional characteristics of membrane keypad materials:


1. Scratch resistant


2. Transparent window


3. Resistant to oil, alcohol, sewage, etc.


4. Resistant to ultraviolet rays or antibacterial


Choice of adhesive tape


1.3M tape makes the product can be used at -20-80 degrees Celsius


2.High-strength adhesion, making the product can be used in a variety of harsh environments


3.Conductive tape can also be used to form a connection between the circuit and the product


Color processing method


1.Screen printing


2.Digital Printing


The Application Of Membrane Keypad

Medical Equipment


Lighting & Lighting Controls






CAN/BUS Controls


Sporting Goods


Industrial Controls


Food Equipment


Health & Fitness Equipment






Marine Navigation