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Custom Metal Stamping Services China

As a professional metal stamping factory in China, Dongguan Orienson Hardware Electrical Co., Ltd. has complete supporting resources, which can provide customers with one-stop hardware products as well as the full set of processing services, we can independently develop and manufacture molds, and provide precision CNC machining services, plastic injection molding service, metal plating services, heat treatment, passivation, grinding, radium carvings and other surface treatment processing technology, besides, assembly services such as metal laser welding, resistance welding, automatic tapping, and automatic riveting is included, Orienson is equipped with a complete inspection and testing instruments to ensure quality from raw material production to delivery, thus reduce the loss and cost of the customer and also offer high-quality and cost-effective prototype metal stamping.


How Do You Choose Metal Stamping Supporting Services


Rich Experience

Service from RED stage to mass production, Our technical team can design, manufacture and maintain.



Professional Technology

As an excellent sheet metal stamping manufacturer, we also have the support equipment for tapping machines, riveting machines, automatic assembly lines.



Automatic Assembly Line

Our production capability is more than 50 million pieces per month, mold developing and manufacturing capability.



R&D Capability

The in-house tool room has LS-WEDM, HS-WEDM, spark machines, grinding machines, milling machines, etc., which can meet all the demands.



Highest Cost Effectiveness

Including heat treating, plating, injection molding, CNC machining, etc., we work closely with our customers to ensure the most cost-effective material.


Why Choose Orienson Metal Stamping Supporting Services

Rapid open mold speed, high quality, mature bending process made Orienson widely welcomed by customers. Metal bending parts we produced has been widely used in automobiles, sensor electrical and electronic switches.


Mold speed, high quality, mature bending process


Automobiles, sensors, electrical and electronic switches


Under the guarantee of dimensional accuracy


Committed to providing smooth surface edge rolling parts.