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Custom Progressive Stamping Die Service China

Progressive die (also known as continuous die) is referred to the punch in a stroke, in a few different positions, at the same time to complete the multi-process die.


OEM Progressive Die Factory

Stamping parts in the progressive die are gradually formed, continuous forming is the technique of work stage concentration, which can make cutting, grooving, punching, plastic deformation, blanking, and other processes completed in a pair of old. According to the actual needs of stamping parts, a number of stamping processes are arranged in a certain order (called the station in the progressive die) for continuous stamping.  It can not only complete the blanking process but also can complete the forming process, even the assembly process, many complex stamping parts that need multi-process stamping can be fully formed on a die, which provides favorable conditions for high-speed automatic stamping.  It can be seen that the progressive die is a kind of high-efficiency punching die with multi-stations.