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Customized industrial aluminium profile cnc machining aluminum extrusion

Customized industrial aluminium profile cnc machining aluminum extrusion

Industrial Aluminum Profiles Description

The materials used in Industrial Fan Blades or fan blades are usually prefabricated steel, cast aluminum or prefabricated aluminum, prefabricated stainless steel or other rare metals. The shape of the fan blades can be almost any shape from square to round to rectangular.

Place of Origin: CN, GUA

Grade: 6000 series

Temper: T4-T6

Application: Industrial

Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy

Brand Name: LIANGYIN

Type: Aluminum extrusion fan blade

Color: Milled or Customized

Thickness: 0.6mm-Customized

Surface Treatment: Mill, Anodized, Powder Coated, Electrophoresis, or customized

Certification: ISO9001-2015

Fabrication: Cutting, Drilling, Tapping, Punching, Bending, etc

The aluminum extrusion process includes the following steps:

After designing and shaping the mold shape, the cylindrical aluminum alloy blank is heated to 800°F-925°F.

The aluminum billet is then transferred to the loader, where lubricant is added to prevent it from sticking to the extruder, indenter or handle.

A pressure head is used to apply tremendous pressure to the simulated block, pushing the aluminum billet into the container, forcing it through the mold.

To avoid the formation of oxides, liquid or gaseous nitrogen is introduced and allowed to flow through parts of the mold. This creates an inert atmosphere and extends the life of the mold.

The extruded part is transferred to the output table as a slender piece and is now the same shape as the die opening. It is then pulled to the cooling table, where the fan cools the newly created aluminum extrusion.

After cooling, the extruded aluminum is moved to the stretching machine for straightening and work hardening.

The hardened extrusion is brought to the saw table and cut to the required length.

The last step is to heat the extruded part in an aging furnace to harden the aluminum by accelerating the aging process.

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