Danfoss Motor – Foreign Markets: How About A Small Diesel Motor?


      Diesel engines are now maturing in Europe and the United States. As gasoline engines enter the bottleneck period, more and more technicians are choosing to use various new technologies on diesel engines. We have a left-handed turbine directly to the right, and various kinds of precision work to reduce the friction and reduce the weight, and move all kinds of tricks, but still can not achieve the effect that the diesel motor can easily achieve. The   Danfoss Motor    and we can look at the recent remarkable achievements of the small car car diesel engine.

  Volvo DRIVE E diesel engine

  Volvo’s new powertrain includes a four-cylinder diesel motor that will be between 120 and 230 horsepower. Drive-E’s diesel motor will use Volvo’s world-first i-Art technology. A small computer/microprocessor is installed at each fuel nozzle. Together with the fuel pressure and temperature sensor, pressure feedback is obtained from each fuel nozzle, which is transmitted to the SUB CPU processing center in real time and then transferred to the motor control module ECU. The information collection channel of i-Art technology is more comprehensive than the single pressure sensor with the original traditional fuel common rail.

  Peugeot’s new BlueHDi diesel engine

  The new 308SW diesel motor is fully compliant with Euro 6 emission standards, and the new BlueHDi version reaches a new level of emissions of 85 grams of carbon dioxide per 100 kilometers. The newly developed BlueHDi diesel motor will be equipped with Peugeot 308 and 508. The selective catalytic reduction technology and particle recovery unit will be used to clean the exhaust gas. Nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by 90%, and particulate matter in the exhaust gas can filter out 99.9%.

  BMW N57 3.0L inline six-cylinder diesel engine

  The twin-turbo diesel 3.0 motor was first released at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2004 and has been extensively revised and recalibrated. This motor is a milestone in today’s diesel motor technology. This inline 6-cylinder motor is mounted on the BMW X5 in addition to the 535d. It is true that this BMW X5 diesel motor was introduced in China.