Did you hear about the new online jewelry store, Sevatti, that has taken the internet by storm?

In the past few days, I have noticed several videos on Tiktok made by Sevatti brand ambassadors. Besides neckwear and wristwear, Sevatti has a whole range of other fashionable & trendy jewelry.

The video of the Sevatti brand ambassador was eye-catching. In detail, the ambassador described what she and her boss discussed regarding how it is possible for them to help her go viral. As part of her ambassadorship program, the company gave her followers a discount code offering 100% off for 24 hours.

A Sevatti ambassador’s followers will receive 100% off all products (cover shipping) for the first 24 hours after she posts her first promotional post.

Several ambassadors for them have gone viral on their first video, proving it to be a very effective marketing strategy.

The first thing that occurred to me was, “What’s the catch?” They give away free products; how is that possible? “

To acquire a customer, companies typically spend $50-$100, sometimes even $200, in modern business. It is common for companies to prioritize short-term profits and growth over customer loyalty, which leads them to focus their efforts on acquiring new customers as soon as possible. By doing so, they can increase revenue faster, but this also has the effect of reducing customer loyalty. Basically, they will pay $50 to ship your product to you for free. Ultimately, they hope that you will love the brand and products enough to spend way more than $50 over the course of your life.

It is literally emphasizing, “We’re willing to lose money on your first sale since we believe you will love the products.”

Companies use reciprocal marketing, in which they give away free products in hopes of building rapport and trust between their brand and their customers. That will eventually encourage them to return and purchase more, tell their friends, and leave excellent reviews. The customer can take any of these actions to benefit the brand.

I decided to take the plunge after thinking about it. Using a coupon code from one of the ambassadors, I bought jewelry for my son and daughter.

The “Varuli Links Bracelet” and the “Drovos Necklace” have been added to my shopping cart. My cart went from $300 to zero after I applied code “ESB100.” Shipping costs seem to increase the more items you add to your cart. They cannot change the premium insured shipping rates charged by USPS, which makes sense. As a result, I paid just $24.94 instead of $300 for these two products. Since I selected premium shipping, I got real-time tracking and next-day processing, which I always prefer.

My order was immediately followed by a “Welcome to our family” email, followed by another within 14 hours. A tracking email was sent to me as well. A delivery update arrived after three days, and my “Out For Delivery” and “Package Delivery” emails arrived within eight days.

Both my son and daughter enjoy the bracelets that I gave them. In terms of quality, the jewelry could be compared to what you would find at a mall kiosk selling high-end goods. Their website indicates that their products are made of sterling silver, stainless steel, and CZ. As a result, 14k gold and white gold pieces will not be available since they sell for over $500-$1000.

In other words, their standard prices are comparable to mall kiosk jewelry. Since they are comparable to mall kiosk jewelry, their regular prices are identical.

No matter what the outcome is, this is an excellent experience since I only paid $12 for each item rather than $75-120 at the mall, in light of the fact that my son has never removed the bracelet.

When I find more of these ambassador codes, I’ll definitely use them. Once I find one of these ambassador codes, I’ll be looking for more. My kids like jewelry very much, and I’ve yet to see a deal as good as this on their favorite jewelry.

As a whole, Sevatti seems to be doing something interesting and different here. We are all using social media, and this is a great deal that we can take advantage of. Our brand ambassador program can provide jobs for content creators across the globe.