Different Designs Of Sofa/curtain Fabrics Buffalo fabric

Burnt-out is a process that uses two kinds of fibers with different acid resistance. After the printing and dyeing process, the burnt-out treatment is processed in an acid solution, so that the part of the fiber that is not acid-resistant is dissolved and rotten, and then, it comes to the burnt-out fabric. The main feature of the burnt-out sofa fabric is that it has a transparent, concave-convex pattern, a novel pattern, and a clear outline. According to the difference in the fabrics we used, our products are divided into the super soft burnt-out fabric, imitation super burnt-out fabric, Dutch velvet burnt-out fabric, and so on. The height is usually 0.5 mm or 1 mm, and the weight is usually around 200 grams per square meter, which can be adjusted according to the needs of users. Similarly, the width is also customized according to requirements, ranging from 140cm to 300cm.