Digital Identity Solutions | Financial Fraud Protection – ACID Technologies

Digital Identity Protection (DIP) alerts organizations to phishing activity, providing financial fraud protection from attempts to dupe their clients and gain access to sensitive information and systems. The software uses performance-enhancing AI algorithms to comprehensively monitor a variety of sources and alert you to malicious activity. 


The modules of ACID Technologies’ DIP are:


  1. Website: DIP verifies the continuous availability of an organization’s website. It sends alerts in real time to the company when detecting defacement by attackers. DIP also evaluates the site for offensive language or unauthorized links.


  1. Apps: It checks for phishing apps, imposter apps, or apps that are similar to your organization’s, which cybercriminals can exploit to trick your customers.

  2. Social media: DIP monitors your organization’s social media presence on various platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to prevent tampering with your company’s reputation. It also checks for the presence of imposter accounts.

  3. DNS: DIP performs a DNS check to ensure that your company’s clients are not rerouted from your website to a different IP address.

  4. Domains: DIP searches for near-identical domains that can dupe your clients. These domains often differ by as little as a letter or a single stroke. As a result, your organization doesn’t need to buy several domains to protect itself.

  5. Real-time alerts: DIP immediately alerts to hostile activities to an organization’s email address via the SIEM system.