Discover Provident Botanico: A New Paradigm of Luxury Living in Bangalore’s Whitefield

Located in the busy Whitefield area of East Bangalore, Provident Botanico is a shining example of luxury, peace, and contemporary living. This massive residential project, which is situated along the tranquil Soukya Road, redefines urban life with its elegant design, verdant green spaces, and exceptional amenities. With its expansive 14 acres, Provident Botanico has been carefully planned to offer a Garden-themed paradise. This property offers a peaceful atmosphere without sacrificing modern comforts, allowing inhabitants to enjoy a balanced blend of nature and modernity. Nine tall residential buildings, each showcasing exquisite architecture and opulence, are part of the project.

Provident Botanico is unique in that it is dedicated to eco-friendly living. With lush green open spaces taking up more than 70% of the project’s acreage, homeowners can escape the bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the peace of nature right outside their door. There is a clear attention to detail inside the apartments. Vaastu entrances on the north and east guarantee the best possible light and ventilation, resulting in a cozy living space. The living experience is elevated with the addition of luxurious details and modern designs that enhance every nook and cranny. Reaching heights of eighteen to twenty-four stories, the towers of Provident Botanico offer expansive views of the surroundings. Whether strolling through the beautifully designed gardens or taking in the sunset from your balcony.