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Discover the Strength of Corrugated Cardboard with our Edge Crush Test (ECT) Calculator

Are you in the packaging industry and need to determine the compressive strength of your corrugated cardboard boxes? Look no further! Our Edge Crush Test Calculator is a powerful tool designed to help you assess the maximum load capacity of your packaging materials, ensuring their reliability and durability. The Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a widely recognized method for evaluating the strength of corrugated cardboard. By subjecting samples to controlled pressure until collapse, the ECT provides valuable insights into a box’s ability to withstand edge-related stress. Our calculator streamlines this process, saving you time and effort in manual calculations. The Edge Crush Test Chart serves as a quick reference guide, showcasing the range of ECT values associated with each flute type. The Edge Crush Test Formula calculates the maximum compressive strength of corrugated cardboard based on the dimensions of the tested sample. The formula is as follows: ECT = (F / W) * L