Besides the luxurious stays, extravagant shopping, and fun-filled parties, Dubai is also known for its extensive glorious desert. Yes, nothing much defines this place as much as the desert does. A Dubai Desert Safari 2021 on a trip to Dubai is a must. The desert safari not just offers adventures in sandy landscapes but also gives unlimited possibilities to experience the traditional Arab culture truly!

Here we give you a complete guide about how to make the Dubai desert safari an unforgettable experience.

1. First, let’s start with types of Desert safari tours:

Morning Desert safari: Reserving evening hours for shopping and chilling, opting for a morning desert safari is an excellent idea. This desert safari provides about 20 minutes of exciting dune bashing, electrifying camp journey including quad biking, sand skiing, and camel ride. It does not include dinner and campaign fun.

Evening desert safari:  The evening desert safari starts in the late afternoon and allows you to cease the experience of seeing the sunset in the ocean of the desert. Here, you can enjoy camel rides, sand boarding, and try out beautiful henna designs. You also get to absorb the real vibe with barbeque, shisha, and belly dancers performing on Arabic tunes.

Overnight Desert safari: In an overnight desert safari, you can gaze at the sky full of stars as well as capture the sight of sunrise. Safari at this hour offers you.

complete barbeque dinner, camel rides, trying out henna designs, traditional costumes, and belly dance performances. You can even sit quietly on the bed of sand and feel the silence of the night, or you can go into the tent to sleep peacefully.

2. Desert Safari activities:

Dune bashing in Dubai: Dune bashing is one of the most exciting activities in the Dubai desert safari. A jeep drives you down to the vast desert, letting you explore the steep dues. It is a very safe and secure activity. The vehicles are properly maintained, and the drivers are professionally trained.

For people who will be trying it for the first time, just take care that you don’t gulp on a heavy meal and bottles of water before setting out for it. Do strap yourself correctly and enjoy the sudden turns and bumpy dunes in the desert.

Camel trekking: Desert is best explored with a camel on his feet and you on it. No matter if you have taken a camel ride before, do opt for this experience. The expert guides you on to climb on the camel and come down. Do wear full trousers with socks to avoid itchiness. The ride is for 30 minutes and is truly comfortable. Sitting on the camel, you can truly explore the stretch of sands and the silence of the desert.

Quad biking/ Dune buggy: These two off-road activities are perfect for people looking for some adrenalin-rush. Experts are there to instruct you. Do wear your helmet and goggles and drive safely. People above 15 years of age and who knows driving are allowed for this activity.

Sandboarding: Glide on the sand with a wooden board beneath and feel the desert of Dubai. Yes, the sandboarding is quite similar to ice skating. All you need to do is to balance yourself while sliding. In case you fall, don’t worry, the lap of sand is soft and clam.

Desert camping: It can be a big highlight of your desert safari experience. People who want to opt for this must take evening desert safari. Here, you get to indulge in fun activities like henna painting, shisha smoking, enjoying belly dance and eating delicious BBQ dinner. You can also take a small camel ride on the camp premises.

3. Best time for Dubai desert safari:

Evening desert safaris are best as you get to enjoy the desert camp as well as the beautiful sunset.

Morning safaris aren’t bad either. If you are a morning person, go for it, utilize your time and save your evenings for some crazy fun.

4. Things to take care of:

1. For desert safari, never carry expensive stuff like a laptop, jewelry, and etc.

2. Wear loose clothes and feel comfortable.

3. Do carry a jacket, in case you feel a little cold.

4. Eyeshades are a must for protection from the sun as well as stopping the dust particle to enter.

5. Wear flip-flops instead of shoes as sand will go inside and it will lead to irritation.

6. Carry your essential medicines as the contrasting climate in the desert in the day and night can make you feel a little uneasy.

7. Trip to Dubai would be incomplete without experiencing a Desert safari. Whenever you apply for a Dubai visa, do keep a day in your itinerary for the safari as it holds the essence of this land.