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Steven Ellman stands as a preeminent attorney specializing in DUI, DWI, and traffic violation cases throughout New Jersey. With an impressive 35 years of dedicated legal practice, he boasts an exceptional 80% success rate in securing case dismissals for his clients. His legal expertise covers the full expanse of the state, ensuring that no matter where you are in New Jersey, you have access to his top-tier legal services.


Ellman’s approach to law is characterized by a commitment to providing personalized, transparent, and respectful representation to each of his clients. He understands the nuances of traffic law and uses this knowledge to advocate effectively for those he represents. As a testament to his professionalism and skill, he is an esteemed member of several elite legal associations, which underscores his standing in the legal community.


Beyond his legal practice, Steven Ellman is deeply committed to client advocacy and actively participates in community service, reflecting his belief in giving back to the society that he serves. His dedication to his clients is unwavering, and he ensures that every individual he represents receives a robust and dedicated legal defense.


For those in need of legal guidance, Steven Ellman offers a complimentary consultation to discuss your case. This free consultation is an opportunity for potential clients to understand their legal options and the strategies that Ellman may employ in their defense. If you’re seeking a seasoned attorney with a proven track record of success and a passion for justice, contact Steven Ellman for a dedicated and thorough legal defense that you can trust.


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