Ear Surgery in Mumbai India, USA

Dr. Parag is an expert in correcting all types of ear surgeries that aids in correcting ear concerns like microtia, anotia, prominent ears, torn ear lobes, and ear loss (due to accident/dog bite). Otoplasty surgery helps to correct the protruding ear concern and helps one achieve an improved aesthetic appearance. Microtia ear reconstruction surgery is performed to correct the absent or deformed ear concern called microtia. The surgery is performed using the patient’s own tissues, called rib cartilage that is sculpted into the shape of the ear and is inserted into the side of the head. As the cartilage is the body’s own tissue, it is not rejected by the body, and it looks and feels like a natural ear and also gets the supply of nutrients from the body. International patients from the USA, UK, England, and all over the world can contact the best ear surgeon Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust (India), to avail the benefits of corrective ear surgery in India at the best cost.

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