Eaton Char-Lynn Motor Analysis – Motor Abnormal Noise   

The motor is particularly annoying, and the    Eaton Char-lynn Motor    outlines seven major reasons for motor noise.


First, the cold start abnormal sound usually starts after the car is parked for a period of time, and has a relatively large vibration and a “哒哒” abnormal sound. When the car is parked for a long time, the oil returns to the oil sump. When the cold car starts, the oil pump cannot establish the oil pressure immediately. Especially in the upper part of the motor , the valve is not sufficiently lubricated, and the hydraulic tappet and the mechanical rocker arm fail to work normally. Abnormal sound.


Solution: normal phenomenon, no need to pay attention, just a little better.


Second, the motor oil is not suitable for the oil viscosity is too high, it will lead to insufficient lubrication in the motor operation, resulting in friction, resulting in abnormal noise, many riders will appear after maintenance and replacement of different motor oil.


Solution: Replace the right oil


Third, the belt tightness is not suitable. The belt is not tight enough, it will make a sharp and abnormal sound, which sounds particularly uncomfortable.


Solution: adjust the tightness of the motor belt


Fourth, the motor “tempering” failure When the motor ‘s valve carbon is too much or the timing adjustment is wrong, the motor will have a “squeaky” sound.


Solution: Clean the valve carbon and adjust the timing of the valve.


5. If the fuel quality is poor or the fuel is not properly marked or the fuel is not properly labeled, the combustion inside the motor will become bad, causing severe vibration and noise.


Solution: Add a good label or good quality gasoline.


6. Abnormal noise caused by the outside of the motor . If the motor or external parts connected to each other are loose, it will also cause abnormal noise.




1. The motor under guard plate screws are loose. The motor cannot be fixed, and the motor under guard plate screws can be tightened or adjusted.


2. The motor mat is aging. The motor foot pad supports the motor , and it can not work normally after aging, and it can be replaced.


3. There are many plastic parts in the motor compartment. For example, when the motor cover and intake pipe are loose, they will collide with the motor compartment, causing abnormal noise and fastening the loose plastic parts.


4. In addition, the transmission of motor noise is mainly transmitted to the cab through vibrations such as the hood and the front fender, and the installation of soundproof cotton will have a better effect.


7. When the intake and exhaust pipes leak into the exhaust pipe, the gas will leak from the leak, resulting in abnormal noise caused by vibration.


Solution: Check the intake and exhaust pipes and replace the intake and exhaust pipes.