Eaton Char-lynn Motor – Electronically Controlled Gasoline motor Benefits


      What are the advantages of an electronically controlled gasoline motor? The   Eaton Char-lynn Motor     states:

  One. Reduce emissions

  The gasoline direct injection system can quickly and accurately provide the best air-fuel ratio matched with the motor according to various operating conditions of the motor, so that the gasoline can be completely burned, and the use of the three-way catalytic system can effectively reduce the harmful effects of CO, HC and NOx. The amount of gas emitted, especially when the motor is decelerating rapidly, has the function of cutting off the oil. In the case of rapid deceleration, the throttle is closed, but the motor is running at a high speed, the amount of air entering the cylinder is reduced, and the degree of vacuum in the intake manifold is increased. In the carburetor type oil supply system, the fuel injection amount of the main nozzle increases at this time, and at the same time, the gasoline adhered to the inner wall of the intake manifold only sharply evaporates and enters the cylinder, so that the mixed gas becomes rich. The combustion is incomplete and the harmful gases in the exhaust gas increase. When the electronically controlled gasoline motor is in rapid deceleration, the motor speed is higher than a certain value, the oil supply will be automatically interrupted, and the harmful gas that cannot be removed by the conventional carburetor when decelerating can be completely eliminated, so that the pollutants in the exhaust gas emission are reduced.

  two. Increase the maximum power of the motor

  Since the intake of the electronically controlled gasoline motor does not have to be preheated, the intake and exhaust pipes may be respectively arranged on both sides of the motor. For example, in order to walk near the structure, the exhaust pipe is arranged on both sides of the motor block, and a good need is required between the two. Insulation keeps the air density of the suction cylinder large. The intake of the electronically controlled gasoline motor is not limited by the carburetor throat. In addition, the matching intake pipe with large diameter and very smooth transition can greatly reduce the intake resistance and improve the intake efficiency, thus increasing the maximum power of the motor. ,

  three. Low fuel consumption and good economic performance

  The electronically controlled gasoline motor can achieve the optimal control of the air-fuel ratio under various working conditions, and the gasoline is ejected under a certain pressure. Good atomization quality. At the same time, the intake pipe is not limited by the atomization of gasoline, which can be designed more rationally, so that the mixed gas is evenly distributed like a cylinder, so the fuel consumption is low.

  four. Improved motor low temperature start-up performance

  When the oil motor is started, the intake air flow rate is low, the gasoline supply amount is small, the atomization is not good, and the motor start is poor. The electronically controlled gasoline motor is equipped with an air conditioner and a cold start injector. The supply of gasoline is not limited by the intake air flow rate, thus improving the low temperature starting performance of the motor.

  Fives. The idling speed is stable, the working conditions are smooth, the work is reliable, and the sensitivity is high.

  The electronically controlled gasoline injection system, because of the extremely fast computing speed of the computer, can quickly respond according to the electrical signals input by the various sensors, and timely and accurately spray the appropriate amount of gasoline near the near gas, so the idle speed of the motor is stable and the acceleration performance is good. The working conditions are smooth and smooth, and the operating failure rate is low.