Eaton Char-Lynn Motor – Motor Dohc Technology Operation


DOHC: Represents a double overhead camshaft Motor. The intake and exhaust valves are divided into two camshafts. The movement is relatively high, the smoothness is good, and the noise is low. However, due to the complicated manufacturing process, the cost is higher. The valve Motor burns more fully, allowing more fresh air to enter the Motor and delivering better emissions (structure is more complex than SOHC).


The dohc Motor is generally more powerful than the average Motor. The power is also large. The most important thing is that it is twin cam. The horsepower output in this way is basically 15% more than the average Motor. There is also a piston and a general Motor are not the same. Because it requires a stronger piston to keep the Motor running properly.


Eaton Char-lynn Motor    description – dohc as the name suggests is the meaning of double cam, using two camshafts, you can understand from the working principle of the Motor to generally complete a work cycle, suction, pressure, explosion, discharge are respectively refers to inhalation, compression , explosion, exhaust. The cylinder needs to have an intake valve and an exhaust valve to inhale the exhaust gas. The function of the camshaft is to complete the switching action of the mechanically engaged exhaust valve. Sohc means that the action of the intake and exhaust valves has a cam to complete. The switch action, and dohc means to use two cams to respectively correspond to the intake and exhaust valves to complete the switching action. The advantage of dohc is that it can easily change the switching time of the intake and exhaust valves so that the Motor has sufficient torque when it reaches low speed and the maximum horsepower output when it is high. Generally, the high-speed Motor with large displacement uses dohc. Dohc does not increase fuel consumption, but can make the Motor better