Eaton Char-Lynn Motor – Turboprop: Application Features


      One feature of the turboprop motor is that it causes vibration when the propeller is in operation, so a damping device is used in the connection between the fixture and the motor. The motor is usually fixed by an motor frame, and the motor frame is connected to a force frame of the fuselage or the nacelle, such as a reinforcing frame.


  Although the combustion chamber of a turboprop motor is similar to a turbojet motor, in order to recover more power from the exhaust gas to drive the propeller, the Turbine end of the turboprop motor has a higher number of blade stages. On the contrary, since the main propulsive force of the turbojet motor comes from the reaction force generated by the direct discharge of hot gas into the atmosphere, the smaller the blade pitch of the turbine end, the better, only enough recovery power is needed to drive The fan blade on the compression side can be.


  In fact, turboprop motors are also more efficient than turbofan motors, but aircraft speeds using turboprop motors are typically lower than those of turbofan motors. The reason is that the turbofan motor’s ducting ratio is usually higher than that of the turbofan motor, but it also causes the blade end portion to have a high speed and the possibility of generating shock waves. In addition, because the turbine rotates very fast, there must be a shifting gear between the turbine and the propeller to reduce the speed of the propeller so that the tip of the blade does not exceed the speed of sound. Therefore, an airplane using a propeller motor will have the weight of multiple shifting gears.

  Eaton Char-lynn Motor    description: The turboprop motor can work well not only at sea level and aircraft take-off conditions, but also at a height of about 10,000 meters, its performance is still very good, due to the limitation of the efficiency of the propeller, it can not For high speed flight, but at low to medium speeds, it is appropriate to use a turboprop. At present, such motors are often used in medium-speed long-distance transport aircraft, passenger aircraft, maritime patrol aircraft, anti-submarine aircraft, etc., and even some long-range bombers use turboprop motors.