EGRETECH Sonic 1200 Portable Power Station 1200W/999Wh

1200W AC Output/1000Wh large capacity

3 recharging modes: AC/car cigarette lighter/solar panel input

G-flow bidirectional inverter technology, charging to 80% only takes one hour

The automotive-grade BMS intelligent battery management system constantly monitors battery status


Sonic 1200W Specifications

Product model

Sonic 1200W

Battery type

Lithium battery

Battery capacity


Net weight

10kg/ 22Lbs



AC Output

120V,600W Max,Pure sine wave

Noise level

41dB Max

Recommended temperature



Compact Yet More Power

Experience the perfect blend of compact design and exceptional power with the S1200W. Its sleek, space-saving build conceals a mighty 1200-watt battery capacity, ready to fuel all your energy needs. Unleash the possibilities with efficient solar charging. S1200W: Where compact meets colossal power


With the S1200W, you’re never left in the dark

Compact yet powerful, the S1200W is your ultimate energy companion. With its sleek design and a robust 1200-watt battery capacity, it’s ready to meet all your power needs. No matter where or when, count on the S1200W for dependable electricity.


Powering Your Outdoor Adventures

Experience limitless outdoor possibilities with the S1200W portable power station. Compact and versatile, it’s your reliable source of energy for every adventure.


Indoor Backup Power with S1200W

Ensure uninterrupted indoor power with the S1200W portable backup solution. Stay prepared for unexpected outages and enjoy peace of mind in any situation.


G-Flow: Unique Bidirectional Inverter Technology

Experience the power of G-Flow’s unique bidirectional inverter technology, allowing you to charge up to 80% in just one hour. Stay connected and powered up with unparalleled efficiency.


Harness Solar Power with Ease

Supporting solar panels for a truly green energy source. Embrace renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint effortlessly.