Eicher 380 price in india

Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 tractor continues to redefine agricultural efficiency and performance with advanced features and competitive pricing. Eicher 380 price between Rs. 7.80 – 8.10 lakh* in India, it offers exceptional value for farmers seeking power and productivity on a reasonable budget. With a Simpson water-cooled engine and High Torque-Fuel Saver (HT-FS) technology, this 40 HP tractor ensures fuel efficiency and increased output. The CombiTorq Transmission system and multispeed provide optimal engine-transaxle pairing and versatile PTO options, adapting to various agricultural and commercial tasks. Its bold design, including an aerodynamic hood and grille with 3D cooling technology, blends modern style with functionality. Prioritizing user comfort, the Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 features walk-me-home illumination, a sporty steering wheel, and elevated Comfy Luxe seating. With a hydraulics lifting capacity of 1650 kg and responsive power steering, it offers confident maneuverability. TractorGyan streamlines the buying process by providing accurate pricing information and locating nearby dealerships, ensuring farmers secure the best deal. Overall, the Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 tractor exemplifies Eicher’s commitment to delivering technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions for Indian farmers in 2024.