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Elevator Manufacturer Share Children To Take The Escalator To Have Parental Care

If your child is still young, he may be afraid of a small elevator and a tall adult. If he can pick up the child or kneel down to accompany the child, he will feel safer and more relaxed! Then let’s look at the Elevator Manufacturer to see how to avoid the potential danger of sitting on the escalator?

1. Avoid letting children take the escalator themselves. The escalator may sometimes break or reverse. The escalator with missing teeth is easy to get stuck in the hands of the children. Parents should take care of the escalators. Parents should let the children stand in front of themselves.

2. It is best to grab the handrail when going up the escalator so that it is convenient to stand still. Do not step on the yellow safety warning line and the two cascades.

3. Do not stay at the entrance and exit of the escalator, keep a distance from the people in front, at least one step apart. For safety, do not consider the capacity of the elevator.

4. Maintain a normal standing position on the elevator, facing forward. Do not let the children run back and forth on the escalator. Do not extend the head and limbs beyond the armrests to avoid obstacles, ceilings, and adjacent escalators. The impact.

5. If you are carrying a stroller, go to the straight ladder.

6. Before the first escalator, parents should teach the children how to find the rhythm to step on the escalator. If they find that the child can’t fit the speed of the escalator, it is better for the parents to hold it. It is safer for people to walk the stairs.

7. If there is a critical situation, there is a red button near the ground at the elevator entrance. Press the emergency brake button and the elevator will stop.

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