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Elevator Manufacturer Share Elevator Brake Protection Features

Inevitably encounter some accidents in life, the following fuji Elevator Manufacturer will share the experience to let everyone learn to save themselves.

The elevator will have a brake protection function. For example, there will be a touch device on the upper and lower sides of the elevator. If it is not in place or over the head, there will be power failure protection. The brakes are automatically locked to avoid panic.

The elevator trembled and felt a murmur. It may be that the wire rope in the elevator is seriously worn or lacks oil. There are three wire ropes on the upper and lower sides of the elevator to manage the lifting task. The thickness should have the following picture. The next should be repaired in time.

In general elevators, there are maintenance switches. Of course, non-professionals can’t open them. Only some poorly-maintained broken elevators are just a matter of shutting down. Open it and follow the above tips to safely lift, but in general, In the case, I do not recommend this, just let you know some of this knowledge.

The elevator does not close the door, or the door is not smooth. It is best not to sit in such an elevator. This may be caused by a broken light curtain or a foreign object in the doorway below the elevator.

Suddenly an emergency stop. Under such circumstances, there are usually two telephones in the elevator to keep in touch with the outside world. One is a maintenance call and the other is an alarm call. If you encounter an emergency stop, the first step should be to alarm and wait for rescue. Maintenance personnel is on duty 24 hours a day according to the workflow. Therefore, you must not act without arbitrarily.

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