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Elevator Manufacturer Share The Cause Of The Elevator Accident

Elevator accidents have created a group of elevator phobia patients. In fact, the accident rate and death rate of elevators are far from traffic accidents. However, elevator safety still needs attention, because we can’t leave elevators, one can not accidents or can be emergency treatment. The elevator of the accident will allow us to ride with confidence.

In fact, Elevator Manufacturer share safety measures with elevators, but elevator accidents occur frequently. Why?

First, the installation of protective measures is incomplete, and elevators in many small cities are not equipped with emergency equipment for power outages;

Second, the safety detection frequency is too low. In order to save money, some properties should be inspected safely every week for half a year before they are overhauled.

Third, improper use, due to passenger safety awareness is not high, long-term door, random buttons, and even chaos, resulting in elevator balance system imbalance, thereby increasing the elevator failure rate.

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