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Emergency led ballast for T8 Tube

Emergency led ballast for T8 Tube

Product Description

This NA03-F20-T8 Emergency led ballast is a conversion kit for operating 3-20W T8 tube in Full wattage power output emergency mode.

Built-in Battery: 11.1V lithium ion 2600mAh

Emergency time: 90mins

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Deep discharge protection, IC control Prevent overcharging and over discharging  

Intergrade design. Easy install and maintain

Main Feature

Model: NA03-F20-T8

Input Voltage

85-265V 50/60HZ

Battery Type

11.1V 2600mAh Li-ion

Match Light Source

3-20W T8 tube



Emergency Output Power


Protection Grade


Emergency Conversion Time


Charging time


Working Temperature


Emergency time



Aluminum Alloy


3 years

Why need to use LED emergency Power kit?

If you have ever experienced a power shortage, there is nothing worse than trying to find your bearings and locate some form of light supply. Although using your mobile phone torch app seems a clever idea, finding your mobile phone would be the tricky part, not to mention if your phone battery is running low. In today’s technologically advanced society it seems unrealistic and unsafe to not have a contingency power source in case of an emergency. Click here