EN 1092-1 Type11 Flange – Emirerristeel

EN 1092-1 Type 11 flange is a specific type of welding neck flange according to the European standard EN 1092-1. Here’s a product description for EN 1092-1 Type 11 flange:

  1. Standard Compliance: The flange conforms to the European standard EN 1092-1, specifically Type 11, which specifies dimensions, materials, and other relevant parameters for welding neck flanges.
  2. Size: Available in various sizes ranging from small to large, typically denoted in millimeters (DN), indicating the nominal pipe size it is designed to fit.
  3. Pressure Rating: Designed to withstand specific pressures safely, specified in megapascals (MPa) or in bar.
  4. Material: Constructed from materials suitable for the intended application, commonly carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloy steel, depending on factors like temperature, pressure, and corrosion resistance requirements.
  5. Facing: The facing of the flange, indicating the surface finish where it seals against the mating flange. Options may include flat face (FF) or raised face (RF).
  6. Connection Type: Welding neck flanges have a long tapered hub that facilitates a smooth transition from pipe to flange.
  7. Application: Used in various industries including oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and others where reliable and leak-free pipe connections are essential.
  8. Additional Features: These may include special coatings for corrosion resistance, additional testing or certification requirements (such as EN 10204 material certificates), or any other features tailored to specific applications or customer needs.