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Enhanced strength, durability, impact-resistant concrete coating from Zone Garage

Commercial and residential owners in the whole of Alberta region in Canada were besieged with the maintenance and health of the garage concrete floor, exterior/ interior wall, pavements, walkways, poolside decks, patios, balconies and other areas. Owners have to spend hard-earned money, time and energy in maintaining the concrete surfaces at short intervals. This was entailing great effort and stresses to the owners. They were bereft of ideas as to how to address the issue cost-effectively.

The advent of Zone Garage Calgary patented POLYUREA and POLYASPERTIC concrete coating products have solved the much-needed problem with ease. The coating has since dominated the market with no comparable products available that can equal strength, durability and impact resistance of these products. The coating applied to the dry concrete surface creates a seamless membrane with the concrete imparting great strength, impact resistance and durability to the coated surface.


The coating is available in various colours, granites, patterns, styles and designs. Owners can conveniently choose any colour from these to suitably blend with the surroundings. The floor and walls give a fresh modern incredible outlook that enhances the beauty of the property. You can visit this website https://www.zonegaragecalgary.ca for accessing the company particulars.