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Escalator Manufacturer Share Playing On Escalators

Escalators have a dangerous area where children have more casualties in public places. Whether it is a shopping mall, an airport, a train station, etc., there will be many places with high traffic during the Spring Festival. Now follow the Escalator Manufacturer to find out what are the safety hazards that are easy to get on the escalator and how to take safety guides.

1. The belongings are twisted into

In the winter, whether you are an adult or a baby on an escalator, make sure that your coat, scarf, shoelaces, etc. don’t fall on the handrails, pedals, etc. that are prone to twisting.

2. Carrying the baby, don’t take the escalator

Many parents think that children are small and can’t let the baby take the escalator. It is safest to pick up the baby. Especially in the winter, the family and the baby are wearing a down jacket with a smooth appearance. The baby is constantly twisted in the arms of the parents, and it is very easy to fall off the escalator.

So for the sake of safety, if you have to hold your baby, it is better to take the elevator. If you take the baby on the escalator, let the baby stand on the escalator steps in front of the family. The parents stand on the rear steps and protect the baby’s hands with both hands to avoid the small hands touching the small places of the escalator and to take care of the baby during the ride.

3. Do not take the stroller to take the escalator

It’s really effortless and worry-free to go shopping with the baby in the stroller, but remember not to push the stroller on the escalator. Because the cart may become dangerous when it is caught in the escalator operation, even if there is no danger, it is easy to have unnecessary safety hazards when the baby is moving in the elevator on the escalator.

4. It is forbidden to ride the escalator alone or on the escalator.

This danger is easy to occur in a baby who is five or six years old or older. Parents think that the baby has grown up and can walk on his own. It is time to let go. At this time, the baby lacked self-security awareness. When she stepped on the escalator, she walked up and down. The parents just stood on the escalator and watched it far away. However, once the danger occurred, it was too late to stop.

More lively and active baby used the escalator as a playground during the escalator, climbing up and down, playing and fighting, this is a must for parents to ban the baby. Be sure to pull the baby’s hand and make sure that the baby’s face is not facing the front.

When you take the baby to the escalator, you should pay attention to leaving the escalator immediately, and do not stop looking at the exit area. Beware of the damage caused by people or things that follow the escalator. If there is an emergency when riding the escalator, immediately press the red emergency stop button below the side of the escalator.

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