Essay on “Earth”

Essay on “Earth”


The earth is our common home. The only home we have. When we imagine the inconceivable far reaches of space, our heart sinks at the thought that we are alone in the universe after all. If there are inhabited planets somewhere near distant stars, it doesn’t matter to us yet, because we can’t contact them because of the vast distances. People check to get essays without mistakes.



It is eerie to think of our planet being very vulnerable, because it is threatened by many external dangers, such as meteorites, harmful radiation, magnetic storms, and so on. For a good life on Earth, the whole system needs to be in balance: both the Sun and the Moon should be at about the same places as they are now. If they move away from us or come closer to us, this delicate balance will be broken – it will either be too cold or too hot, the tides will stop or become so high that everything will be washed away in its path. Or there will be terrible earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, which even now cause a lot of trouble. They might, for example, pollute the atmosphere so badly that the sun’s rays don’t reach the surface of our planet and there is a dramatic cooling. This has happened many times in our history. Many great civilizations may have died in this way, and not at all because of wars or palace coups. Use this source to write essays.



Mankind, due to the rapid development of technology, has become too influential on the environment, causing sometimes irreparable harm to nature. Because of human activities, many species of animals and plants are disappearing very quickly, forests are shrinking, and the water, air, and soil are getting polluted. Click for writing awesome essays. It is time for people to realize that the resources of the planet are not endless and their descendants may inherit a planet not adapted for life. It takes the efforts of all people to preserve our beloved cosmic home.

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