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Everything You Need To Know About Your Yoga & Aerial Journey At Bend & Fly

If it’s your first time to aerial yoga, start with our great Foundations 1 Course ($99 or FREE for Members) or an Aerial Basics Class.

If starting with the 2 Week Intro – start with Aerial Basics Class on Saturday Morning (recommended) or a class marked ‘All Levels’ (alternate starting class) progressing to Aerial Flow 1, then to Aerial Fitness, Flow Level 2 or Play Level 2 classes. NOTE: You should seek staff feedback on progressing to Level 2 classes.

FOUNDATIONS COURSE Vs 2 WEEK INTRO: You can start aerial yoga with either service. The 6 Week Aerial Foundations Course goes into a more depth – teaching the 6 foundational skills of aerial yoga (Invert / Balance /Float/ Fly/ Flip/ Flex) – taught in progression across 6 weekly classes. The 2 Week Intro provides a more basic introduction into aerial yoga, but provides the benefit of being able to come to as many aerial classes as possible (normally starting with the Aerial Basics class) Note: The Foundations Course is not included in the 2 Week Intro Offer, but you can buy both.