Ewan the Dream Sheep | Sweet Dreamers

To comfort your baby or toddler Ewan the dream sheep, is available to assist if your child has trouble falling asleep at night. Award-winning, adorably adorable, and cosy the dream sheep uses a variety of “pink and white noise” calming sounds, including actual recordings of the womb and heartbeat, along with a warm pink calming glow, to mimic the comfort of the womb and lull your newborn or toddler into a sound sleep. Ewan should be hung from the crib bars or placed next to a Moses basket for infants under 12 months old. Sleep-deprived parents will like Ewan the sheep deluxe just as much as their exhausted child! Ewan generates gentle noises at the low base frequency that infants perceive in the womb, sometimes known as pink noise, and mixes this with a soothing warm light. Womb and heartbeat sounds are instrumental in reducing colic-induced discomfort because they serve to remind your baby of the womb’s naturally calming environment.